Wedding Day Survival Kit

Make sure to have all of your bases covered when unexpected problems arrise.

What is the Wedding Day Survival Kit?

Our wedding day survival kit is your knight in shining armor when small hiccups come about on your big wedding day. Did some clothing rip? Break a nail? Did you lose an earring backing? Did something stain your dress? Have no fear as the items that are included in our wedding day survival kit will give you an extra layer of confidence that can make the world of a difference in a time of need. For only $60, you will be prepared for almost anything that could go wrong. Plus it comes in a stylish travel bag that can become your new gym bag. Or gift it to one of your friends who are getting married after you.

We Work Hard to Make Your Day Special

Check out what this kit includes:

•  First Aid Kit (With Bandaids and Cleansing Wipes)

•  Sewing Kit (With Safety Pins,  Needles, Thread & Scissors)

•  Nail Kit (With Nail Clippers, File, Tweezers & Scissors)

•  Spare Rubber Earing Backs (10)

•  Bobby Pins

•  Deodorant

•  Hair Ties

•  Makeup Removing Wipes

•  Makeup Sponges

•  Stain Remover Wipes (2)

•  Hand Sanitizer

•  Tampons (2)

•  Eye drops

•  Travel Size Lotion

•  ChapStick

•  Panty Liners (2)

Don’t fret on your wedding day! Buy your Wedding Day Survival Kit today!


…We highly recommend using their services!!

~ Lauren Pernot

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